Innov8 R&D Ltd was setup to help businesses be rightfully rewarded for what they do on a daily basis.

The UK government are actively trying to encourage and reward innovation in the form of Research & Development credits. Surprisingly, around 90% of businesses in the UK aren’t claiming for something they are entitled to.

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes and is often not obvious hence businesses don’t think (or have been advised) they wouldn’t qualify to claim back costs.

We would love to work with you to explore exactly how you may be entitled to R&D credits in order to help your business grow.

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“We first came across Innov8 back in 2019 and they have successfully helped us with R&D claims thus far. Whilst we had heard of the R&D benefit to companies, this was the first time we delved into it and were worried about the process and how much time it would take up. Innov8 were fantastic and guided us through what was required and ensured it was as painless as possible. The amount of time put in vs the benefit is really a no brainer and we would thoroughly recommend James and his team at Innov8 to anyone considering delving into this for the first time.”

Mark, Director

We were very impressed by Innov8 R&D and in particular their knowledge of our industry.  Whilst we’d looked at claiming R+D before, we hadn’t thought it particularly worthwhile.  However, with Innov8s specialist knowledge and previous experience in our industry they were able to show us how to maximise our claim and make the process work for us; it was clear they had successfully helped several other distilleries. The process was very simple and didn’t take more than a few hours of our time to get a very good return back into our business. The true value though is understanding what areas qualify and how we can incorporate them into our strategic thinking going forward. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Innov8 to other businesses to look into their potential for R+D reimbursement, even if you’ve previously looked at it but not thought it worthwhile!

Giles, Director

“A business partner had recommended R&D credits to us a while ago but we felt it was going to be a lot of paperwork for something that would probably not be approved.  However, the whole process with Innov8 R&D only took a few hours of our time and a couple of months later, we received the credit from the HMRC. Would highly recommend

Adrian, Founder, Parisa Technologies Limited

“ Through their experience of working with the scheme, Innov8 R&D gave us confidence that our time was being targeted correctly.  They greatly simplified the R&D application and handled the entire process while keeping us updated throughout.  We will be happy to continue working with them in the future and will also recommend to our customers who weren’t aware they may qualify

Andy, Director, Purple Crane

“Innov8 R&D made what we thought would be a complicated and time consuming process very easy. We took it step by step, were asked all the right questions in a way we could understand and they did all the hard work meaning we didn’t have to invest any significant time on this. 28 days later we got presented with a rather large cheque back from HMRC! What’s not to love! Wonderful people and company to work with, would highly recommend them to anyone who asks”

Siobhan Freegard OBE, Founder, ChannelMum

“We had never explored research and development credits before and were not particularly clear how it would apply to our industry. Having been approached by Innov8 R&D it was clear they had helped others in our industry as knew both the terminology but also designed a very simple process to make this easy for us. For the time we put in vs the return only 28 days later it really was incredible. The real value is now knowing what areas qualify and now we will be incorporating this into our strategic thinking and practice moving forwards. If anyone in our industry doesn’t think this applies to them, our recommendation is to speak to James and his team at Innov8 R&D!”

M Henderson, Director, Henderson Curle Ltd

“We came across Innov8 as they had already successfully helped one of our clients with their R&D claim and after brief discussions realised the value in partnering up with a specialist. Whilst aware of Research and Development Credits we didn’t realise actually how many of our clients would qualify and benefit from this legislation. It has been a particularly tough year for the majority of our clients so offering them another service to potentially gain either a cash and/or corporation tax benefit is absolutely the right thing to do. Innov8 gave us guidance as to which industries qualified which were a lot more than we first thought and also some marketing material to help us communicate with our client. The most important element for us is that whoever we work with looks after our clients and in innov8 they tick all the boxes in their approach and professionalism. We have already seen several of our clients benefit from their services with incredible results. I would thoroughly recommend Innov8 R&D to any firm of accountants looking to offer another value add service to their clients.”

M Phillips, Partner

“I was very lucky to have a fortuitous conversation with a customer who recommended James’ team at innov8rnd for R&D Tax Credits recovery. James was a true professional, making things very simple for me. He explained the process very clearly, told me what I needed to provide in terms of information, and got his team to make the required applications to HMRC in the necessary formats. The process was a lot quicker than expected and James was able secure me a net refund of over £6k – money which I was not even aware I was entitled to. Would highly recommend James’ team to others in a similar position.

James Power, Director FD4Cast

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